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Prebiotics: worth the hype?

Prebiotics: worth the hype?

Prebiotics are one of the many things we can make a conscious effort to include in our diets. There’s mounting research on their many health benefits – but what, exactly, are they, and how can they help us? 

What are prebiotics?

First defined in 1995, prebiotics are found in some of the food and drinks we consume. Specifically, they’re a type of fibre and their definition has evolved as scientists have come to understand them better. 

How are they different to probiotics?

It’s more likely you’ve heard of probiotics than prebiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that, when eaten, fill your gut with good bacteria.

Prebiotics are a kind of fibre found in plants that travel to our colon, where they act as food for these good bacteria, allowing them to grow. And the more good bacteria in our guts, the better.

The microbiome: a fascinating world

The gut microbiome is a fascinating world, and in recent years, this part of our bodies has really gained scientists’ attention. We still don’t know all the benefits of having a healthy gut, but some studies have shown that good gut bacteria may help lower the risk of developing heart disease, improve our mental health and promote weight loss.

The benefits may also reach our immune systems, and good bacteria in our guts may also help us absorb more nutrients from food, boosting our health further. 



How to get prebiotics into your diet

Eager to get a prebiotic boost? The best way to load up on prebiotics is to eat lots of fruit, vegetables and legumes, as many plant foods contain a variety of prebiotics.

Some fruit and veg may pack more of a prebiotic punch than others; particularly good sources include; banana, berries, apple skin, onion, beans, peas, artichokes and oats.They should be eaten every day, scientists argue, to benefit from their effects. 

Despite the availability of prebiotic supplements, the research hasn’t yet confirmed if these are as good a way to get a prebiotic boost as a diet high in prebiotic-rich foods. 

At TYME, we are passionate about gut health, so much so, that we have implemented over 30 different types of plant fibre into our dishes to give you the most diverse gut microbiome possible. 

Our menu is full of prebiotics, especially our breakfasts, which are packed with fruits, oats and seeds. We recommend the blueberry acai breakfast for a boost of antioxidants and prebiotic goodness.